"We believe in healthy investor returns while also developing strong communities."

Leveraging Decades of Expertise to Forge a Path to Your Financial Triumph

How We Help

Professional Investments

Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive management. Our in-house team handles all aspects of property management, ensuring your investment is both profitable and stress-free, without the need for your day-to-day involvement.

Stable and Growing Returns

Benefit from investments that truly make a difference. Our focus on community-centric developments not only enriches lives but also ensures consistent and increasing financial returns, adding long-term stability to your investment journey.

Enhanced Portfolio Value

Invest with confidence in high-potential real estate. Our strategic selection in the thriving US Pacific Northwest ensures your investments are poised for substantial growth, enhancing your portfolio's overall value.

About the Founder

About the Founder

“Our ethos is to empower investors with opportunities that build lasting wealth."


Years of Experience

Our four decades in the industry are a testament to our enduring commitment to real estate excellence and investor success.


Average Annual ROI

A track record of delivering above-average returns, showcasing our ability to identify and capitalize on profitable investments.


Happy Residents

Our focus on resident satisfaction has resulted in creating living spaces where happiness and comfort are the norms.

Meet the Team

Jerry Mason

As co-founder, Jerry has brokered, managed, invested in, and developed multi-family properties for more than 40 years.

Alex Audie

As a partner, Alex directs strategy and operations. Prior to Westland, Alex had an extensive career in the energy sector.

Erik Mattson

As a partner with focus on investor relations and financial analysis, Erik specializes in the evaluation of investment suitability.

Alfredo Torrellas

Alfredo belongs to the second generation of property developers, whose career began

in the 1970s.

Carson Halley

Carson spent the past 13 years as VP at SVN- Imbrie Realty. He holds a coveted CCIM designation and has held chapter leadership roles on the Board of Advisors.

Theresa Brakebush

Formally a VP at both Wells Fargo and Merrill Lynch, Theresa has worked as a commercial real estate lender for over ten years and was a partner in a homebuilding company for nine years.

Christy Coleman

Christy joins the Westland Investors and Centro Management team as an administrative assistant.

Nika Smyshlyayev

Nika joins the Westland Investors and Centro Management team as Operations Manager. Her experience includes 4 years of operations management and real estate brokerage.

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