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  • 40 Years: Decades of proven experience in real estate.

  • 23% Average Annual ROI: Industry leading returns.

  • Happy Investors: Our Investors consistently invest more.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

What should you invest in? The real estate market is vast and varied. Identifying profitable deals is complex, with many investors grappling to distinguish worthwhile investments from risky ventures.

Find the right partner. Successful investing requires more than capital; it needs a knowledgeable partner. The right ally not only spots the best deals but also skillfully manages the intricacies of real estate, from market shifts to regulatory compliance.

The time is now. At Westland, we act with precision and insight, tapping into lucrative opportunities at the right moment. Our experienced team strategically navigates the market, offering timely entry points for investors ready to capitalize on real estate ventures.

The Westland Advantage

Consistent and High Returns

Our strategic approach has consistently yielded an average of 23% ROI annually through focused investments and hands-on management.

Aligned Interests with Zero Hidden Fees

At Westland, we invest alongside our clients, ensuring our goals are perfectly aligned. By directly managing properties and avoiding external fees, we maintain transparency and build trust, maximizing returns without unexpected costs.


Investment Practices

Emphasizing adaptive re-use, we transform existing structures, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing property value.

Notable Exits

1335 North, formerly King’s Landing Apartments, is an 84 unit property located in Corvallis, a University town in Central Oregon.

What Sets Us Apart

Sustainable Development

Focusing on eco-friendly and

community-driven projects.

Expert Market Insight

Leveraging decades of experience

for strategic investment.

Strong Community Focus

Creating spaces that residents are

proud to call home.

In-House Management

Centro Management ensures quality

and efficiency.

Adaptive Re-use, Innovation

Transforming older properties into

modern assets.

Dedicated Investor Relations

Ensuring transparent and

communicative partnerships.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Focused on long-term growth

and resilience.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

Meticulous analysis for every

investment decision.

Exclusive Investor Network

Offering accredited investors

unique opportunities.


What is the minimum investment size for Westland projects?

The minimum investment varies depending on the specific project. We offer a range of opportunities to accommodate different investment capacities. We recommend scheduling a call to discuss your investment goals and explore suitable options.

What should I expect during the initial call with Westland? Will there be a hard sales pitch?

Our initial call is focused on understanding your investment goals, answering your questions, and providing information about our approach and current opportunities. There is no hard sales pitch. Our aim is to build a relationship based on trust and transparency, ensuring that any investment decision aligns with your objectives and comfort level.

How soon can I start seeing returns on my investment with Westland?

The timeline for returns varies based on the specific nature of each investment. Some projects may offer shorter-term gains, while others are structured for longer-term growth. We will provide detailed timelines and projections for each investment opportunity during our discussions.

Can I visit the properties I invest in?

Absolutely. We encourage our investors to see the properties firsthand. We can arrange visits to current and prospective investment properties, allowing you to experience the quality and potential of your investment directly.

What if I'm not familiar with the real estate market?

No problem! We guide our investors through the entire process, offering expert advice and education to make informed decisions, regardless of prior experience.

Are real estate investments too risky in the current market?

While all investments carry some risk, our strategic approach, deep market analysis, and 40 years of experience help mitigate risks and capitalize on the most promising opportunities.

How much time and effort do I need to put into managing my investment?

Minimal effort on your part. Our in-house management team, Centro Management, handles all operational aspects, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of investing without the day-to-day hassles.

Is my investment locked in for a long period?

Our investments typically focus on long-term growth, but we offer various projects with different timelines to suit your liquidity needs and investment goals.

Are there any hidden costs or fees with Westland?

Transparency is key for us. We don't have hidden fees; our earnings align with your returns, as we invest alongside our clients.

Can I lose my money with real estate investments?

Like any investment, real estate carries risk, but our experienced team works diligently to select properties with high potential and resilience, aiming to safeguard and grow your investment.

How diversified are your real estate investments?

We diversify across various real estate sectors, including multifamily, mixed-use, and adaptive re-use projects, spreading risk and maximizing potential returns.

What if the market crashes?

We're seasoned in navigating market cycles. Our conservative approach and strategic planning are designed to withstand market fluctuations and maintain stable returns.

How is Westland different from other real estate investment firms?

Our unique blend of experience, in-house property management, investor-aligned approach, and commitment to sustainable development sets us apart in the real estate investment landscape.

Why should I choose real estate over other types of investments?

Real estate offers tangible assets, potential for stable cash flow, and long-term value appreciation. It's a key component of a diversified investment portfolio, often providing balance against market volatility.

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