Investing in apartments offers a high return on tangible assets.

Buying, improving, and selling apartment properties is one of the surest ways to make a substantial profit in real estate, if you know how.

Since 1974, we have been active investment real estate brokers who often invested alongside our clients in Portland-area apartments. These managed apartment assets that fill a basic human need are tangible, and are locally hands-on managed. They have proven to be safe, stable, and transparent investments with high returns.

Apartment Investing Service

Westland Apartment Investors assists individuals in pooling their resources with other investors in small groups to invest in apartment properties. Few opportunities to invest $100,000 or more are as reliable, simple and secure.


Asset Management Service

Location and timing are two legs of a 3-legged stool supporting a good return on real estate investment. Effective management is the third leg of the stool. Day-to-day management and reporting is the job of a Property Management Company (PMC). The job of the Asset Manager is to provide oversight, help set goals, inspect properties, analyze PMC reports and market surveys, and thinking and acting like a fully engaged owner. It is Westland’s asset management services that guide the asset toward its maximum return.